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Summer Reading 2018: Upper School


Upper School Summer Reading Expectations:

  • All students should read the Common Book
  • Students should look closely at grade level and elective requirements, and complete all assigned readings for their courses.
  • In addition to required readings, students should choose at least one of the Literature Circles recommended books. Lit Circle recommended titles are listed below the required reading lists.

Form III

Form IV

Form V

Form VI

Recommended Reads for Literature Circles

In addition to the books required for your courses, choose at least one of these titles to read over the summer. These books were nominated by Browning teachers and students as part of our 2018 Common Book voting process, and all received considerable support from a broad range of constituents. During the fall, members of the administration and common book committee will host a series of Literature Circles to discuss these titles with interested students. Read one or more of these over the summer so that you may participate in a lit circle conversation!